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Why does Railway Transportation need Weichai Engines?

Mar 21, 2023 | China News | 0 comments

What is the relationship between Weichai engine and railway transportation? Today, let’s talk about the cold knowledge between the two. The engine helps to “digging holes” and “building bridges” to build railways.


It is worth mentioning that the chaThe engine assists in “digging holes” and “building bridges” to build railways.

Weichai engine + Linde hydraulic powertrain. First of all, railway construction requires trucks, excavators, cranes, loaders and other construction equipment. The full range of Weichai engines + Linde hydraulic powertrain provides efficient and reliable equipment for equipment operation. “Power source”, we can proudly say that the “acceleration” of railway construction is inseparable from Weichai Power, and the rail car is equipped with surging Chinese “power heart”!


Equip the rail car with the “power heart” of surging China

The train runs fast and needs a front belt. This “front” is a rail car often used in railway operations. It is a special train for the railway department to perform maintenance and emergency repair tasks. Due to the high requirements for power configuration, imported engines were used in the past until the Weichai WP17 engine was born and broke through. Monopoly, with a maximum power of 588kW and a maximum torque of 3000N m, strong power, high efficiency and reliability, complete spare parts and timely service. Equip the rail car with surging China’s “power heart” to escort the safety of railway transportation.


Generator Set

There is also an application package that is relatively unpopular. You should be familiar with railway signal lights. It is a particularly important part of the railway signal control system. Weichai generator sets provide emergency power for railway signal lights, which are highly efficient, reliable, quick to start, highly intelligent, easy to understand, reliable at critical moments, and ensure the normal operation of trains.


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