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What is the After-Sales Procedure of EMAC?

After more than 12 years international trading with overseas customers, we have lots of experience about the after-sale service. And we have formed our company own rules and after sale service system for the different products. While for the engine spare parts, we usually replace the goods freely if within warranty, but this less happened for the reason of guaranteed quality. While for the diesel engine, genset and other power pack problem, we have other steps to solve. Following are the steps about our company after sale service procedure for the power pack and engine.

1. Feedback on order issues-Our overseas customers ask for after-sales, we will need our oversea customers to provide relevant pictures, videos and text descriptions, etc., and the sales need to verify whether the situation is true.

2. After-sales service confirmation-first to confirm whether it is within the warranty period, if not, then the reasonable service fee will be charged. Then send the fault report to the relevant personnel of the company, and the person in charge of the purchasing department will feedback it to the supplier in the form of email, and ask for a solution.

  1. Concluding the solution-confirm with customers whether they can solve the problem under our technical guidance, or need our technical to solve it locally and check the approximate time period to deal with the failure. Recheck with customer whether they can accept the onsite service fee or not if need our locally service. Once the solution is confirmed, then make preparation ASAP to solve the fault in the shortest time.

4. After-sales service summary-Issue after-sales service summaries based on failure causes, solutions, after-sales service results, etc., for later reference or as training materials

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