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Weichai’s new T series power is coming

Sep 14, 2022 | Leading Companies in China | 0 comments

Sinotruk’s full range of complete vehicles equipped with Weichai Power T series high-horsepower high-end products tasting meeting was held in Jinan Olympic Sports Center. At the tasting meeting, Weichai’s new T power products were all unveiled, with competitive advantages such as strong power, high efficiency and energy saving, stability and reliability, quietness and comfort. Weichai’s 6 high-end engines are launched to help Sinotruk lead the transformation and upgrading of the logistics and transportation industry.

The WP12T engine is customized development for short- and medium-distance composite transport tractors, with a maximum torque of 2350N m; it adopts an ultra-lightweight design, the weight of a 12L product is 9L, and the weight of the whole machine is only 899kg, which is more compliant and more profitable; it competes with the same displacement The product has the highest thermal efficiency and low fuel consumption.

The WP13T engine has a maximum horsepower of 560Ps, a maximum torque of 2600N m, low-speed high-torque, and strong power. It can be called the dedicated power for trunk logistics tractors; it adopts ultra-high rail pressure fuel system, which has low fuel consumption and excellent economy; B10 has a life span of 1.8 million kilometers. High braking power, safe and reliable.

The WP14T engine is used as a special power for long-distance trunk line tractors, with a maximum torque of 2750N m and a power coverage range of 560Ps-610Ps. The world’s first diesel engine platform technology with a thermal efficiency of over 51%, the comprehensive fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is reduced by more than 2L, which is efficient and energy-saving, and saves money. The engine maintenance mileage reaches 120,000 kilometers, which is stable and reliable, saving time and worry.

The WP15T engine is an excellent work of Weichai’s heavy-duty engine, with a maximum horsepower of 680Ps and a maximum torque of 3200N m, with strong power, which can be called the “king” power of high-horsepower tractors; 51% thermal efficiency technology and a variety of “black technologies” blessing, comprehensive fuel consumption Low 2L/100km; high explosion pressure body design, B10 life of 1.8 million kilometers, high braking power, family modular design, 120,000 kilometers long oil change interval, reliable and durable, maintenance safety and other advantages.

The WP15NG engine is the exclusive power for high-horsepower gas tractors, with a maximum torque of up to 2500N m and a liter torque of 171N m/L. It has super configuration and is not afraid of complex road conditions, with surging power; iteratively optimized fuel injection device + EGR control device, precise Controlling the air-fuel ratio, the gas consumption per 100 kilometers of the whole vehicle is about 1kg-2kg lower; it has been fully verified by the “three highs” test, multi-scenario coupling, and strong environmental adaptability; high braking power, up to 60% of the engine output power, high safety factor .


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