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Weichai’s new business process is further accelerated

Sep 14, 2022 | China News | 0 comments

Weichai Power signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Germany’s Oders and Austria’s Widis in Jinan, Shandong, officially starting a new journey of cooperation. Ling Wen, Vice Governor of Shandong Province, relevant leaders of Shandong Province and representatives of the media, etc., witnessed this historical moment together.

According to the agreement, Weichai Power has successfully completed the acquisition of 80% of the shares of Germany’s Odess, and will acquire 51% of the shares of Austrian Widis, becoming the controlling shareholder of the two companies. The rapid implementation and deep integration of the two strategic reorganizations will effectively fill China’s key technical shortcomings in new energy powertrain motor control systems and agricultural equipment CVT power systems, and accelerate the industrialization process of Weichai’s new business format.

It is reported that the German company Odessi was established in 1989 and has been committed to the research and development of motors, electronic controls and power supplies for industrial and transportation industries. It has a variety of servo motors and drivers for CNC machine tools, motor controllers for new energy commercial vehicles, The design, development and system integration capabilities of electric motors, fuel cell DC/DC converters and other products, the product design life is more than 30,000 hours, the performance is excellent, and it is widely praised. There are hundreds of successful application cases.

Weichai Power’s strategic reorganization of Germany’s Odessa is another international strategic layout in the field of new energy power systems after joining hands with Sirius in the United Kingdom and Ballard in Canada. Through the effective integration of resources, Weichai has not only mastered the key core technologies in the traditional powertrain field of heavy commercial vehicles, but also mastered the core technologies of motor controllers in one fell swoop, successfully building a new energy source integrating “battery + motor + electronic control” Powertrain integration advantages. In this deep integration, the two parties will accelerate collaborative research and development to provide customers with integrated solutions for new energy power systems.

Through this strategic reorganization, Weichai Power will complement the advantages of Austrian Wedis Corporation and join forces to help China fill in the shortcomings of hydraulic transmission technology, control the key core technologies of agricultural equipment CVT powertrain, and break the foreign monopoly at one stroke. Achieve zero breakthrough in China-made CVT powertrain. At the same time, this is another powertrain after Weichai successfully built the hydraulic powertrain for construction machinery. In the future, the large-scale commercialization of this product will effectively promote the high-end upgrade of China’s agricultural equipment.

Integrate global technical resources with an open attitude and support sustainable high-quality development with core technologies. In recent years, Weichai has focused on “urgent needs of enterprises, high-end technology, and national bottlenecks”, and has successively strategically reorganized a number of global high-tech enterprises on a global scale, comprehensively deployed the group’s future strategic emerging businesses, and filled the technological shortcomings of enterprises and industries. Promoted industrialization and commercialization. This time, Weichai has made another attack in the field of electric motor control and agricultural equipment CVT to create the core competitive advantages of new energy powertrain and CVT hydraulic powertrain, which will definitely promote the technological progress of China’s high-end equipment manufacturing and new energy industry.


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