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WeiChai WP15NG High Horsepower Natural Gas Engine

Jun 17, 2023 | Industry Company Dynamics | 0 comments

Weichai WP15NG has become the benchmark of high-horsepower gas power. The three advantages of gas consumption, power and reliability make the launch of Weichai WP15NG widely concerned by gas engine users. practical application above.

Powerful and aggressive. The maximum output torque is 2500 N.m, and the liter torque reaches 171 N.m. Weichai WP15NG has a high-horsepower range of 480-530 horsepower and a displacement of 14.6L. It has a strong start with a full load and a long-distance transportation. The gas consumption is lower, saving 1-2kg per 100 kilometers.


In addition to its own excellent quality and the support of product data on paper, the reliability is also high. The life span of B10 is 1.8 million kilometers; the braking power is high, and the driving is safe and reliable, making driving on mountain roads safer, more reliable and more efficient!


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