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Weichai WP10.5H Medium and Heavy Truck Power Engine

Jun 27, 2023 | Industry Company Dynamics | 0 comments

The WP10.5H engine is compact in structure, high in reliability, strong in power and good in economy. It integrates new technology achievements and meets the national V/National VI emission regulations. The maximum power is 338 kW. The engine type is an inline 6-cylinder, four-stroke engine . The following introduction is the product advantage.weichai truck power

1. Ultra-high reliability:
The engine has a high degree of strengthening and a large design margin. The bench test has accumulated more than 15,000 hours, and the vehicle road test has exceeded 50 million kilometers; the service life exceeds 1.8 million kilometers/30,000 hours.
2. Modular design:
Parts are reduced by more than 30% compared with similar products – integrated fuel filter module, integrated design of coarse filter and fine filter; machine filter module, integrated design of oil filter, cooling, rotor filter and water filter; integral cylinder head, integrated design Intake pipe, compact design.

weichai truck power

3. Ultra-low fuel consumption:
The lowest fuel consumption rate is 181g/kW•h, and the fuel consumption under common working conditions is 3%-5% lower than that of competing products; the low-speed fuel consumption area covers the common working conditions of trucks at 950-1450r/min, which is more fuel-efficient.

4. Strong power:
Under the premise of ensuring power, a smaller rear axle speed ratio can be selected to further reduce fuel consumption.

5. Strong adaptability:
2,800 meters above sea level without power drop, 4,500 meters under common working conditions, ultra-low power loss; low temperature environment – 20 ℃ start-up zero failure.


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