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Weichai WP10.5H Engine Makes Port Transportation More Beneficial

Jun 2, 2023 | Industry Company Dynamics | 0 comments

 A powerful engine is at the heart of determining transport efficiency and customer profitability. Weichai has a profound research and development background, and the fuel utilization rate of WP10.5H is ahead of its peers, and the fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is reduced by 2L.                                                                                                                                                                                            The output power is as high as 460 horsepower, and the maximum torque is 2100 N·m, making it gallop surging and efficiently. Easily cope with high-intensity, full-load operation, excellent performance, and easy driving control.

The port transports a large amount of freight, and it is necessary to improve transportation efficiency. Trucks are inseparable from a good engine to pull goods back and forth.WP10.5H adopts modular and integrated design. The number of parts is reduced, the weight is upgraded and upgraded, and the vehicle is coordinated with the optimization of weight reduction, and a single delivery can exceed 500kg. Lose weight scientifically and earn more. Fuel-efficient, powerful, and more cargo-carrying, making customers more profitable.


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