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Weichai shines at the Middle East International Power Exhibition

Mar 11, 2023 | Industry Company Dynamics | 0 comments

From March 7th to 9th, Dubai, UAE, one of the most influential exhibitions in the global energy power generation field, the Middle East International Power Exhibition was held grandly, and a number of high-end brands under Weichai appeared.

The 8M33 high-end engine was newly released, specially for the site of power generation product development activities. The 8M33 engine was released for the first time at the Middle East International Electric Power Exhibition. As a representative of the high-end engine of the Baudouin brand, it has become a well-deserved “flow responsibility”.


1. Adopt high-pressure common rail fuel system, displacement 26.1L, covering 800~1125kVA.
2. Self-developed ECU, more reliable, smarter, safer and more assured.
3. Strengthen the gas distribution structure to meet the requirements of high power reliability.
4. Compact structure design, more sufficient matching space.
5. Using plastic fans, weight-reducing flywheels, weight-reducing brackets, small-volume patented radiators, etc., the weight is lighter.


Baudouin 16M55 high-end power unit condenses the advantages of century-old French quality and advanced manufacturing in China. It adopts advanced high-pressure common rail fuel injection technology, high-efficiency and high-pressure intake system, high reliability and low fuel consumption. It is a high-power high-speed power station, Reliable power for data center companion applications.


    At the exhibition site, American PSI gas engines and Weichai lithium battery energy storage devices were also unveiled together. In particular, lithium battery energy storage devices have performance advantages such as super safety, long life, high integration, fast start, and ultra-low energy consumption, providing customers with multiple , low-carbon, high-efficiency power solutions.
    In recent years, Weichai has exerted the synergistic effect of its French Baudouin and American PSI brands to establish a leading competitive advantage in the mid-to-high-end markets in Europe and the United States, and continues to lead the new direction of energy and power in the global high-end market.


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