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Weichai Rewo Uses Science and Technology to Watch the Black Land Wisdom and Abundant Scenery

Aug 25, 2023 | Industry Company Dynamics | 0 comments

On August 25, August 23, the power machinery test identification and technology promotion training class Ji Da horsepower high-end intelligent tractor was held in Harbin City by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs Agricultural Mechanization Station. Revo unmanned high-horsepower CVT tractor, 18-row precision planter, heavy intelligent tractor and other advanced equipment were unveiled.

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In the demonstration process, the production combination of Levoo P2404-7V high-horsepower CVT tractor and 18-row electric drive precision seeder has been highly concerned. Through intelligent unmanned driving, it can work continuously for 24 hours, and the positioning accuracy is far beyond the manual control level, while ensuring the quality and consistency of the operation, effectively improving the land utilization rate and production quality. Precision operation, production increase and income effect is remarkable.

As an intelligent CVT heavy-duty tractor independently developed by Chinese enterprises with independent intellectual property rights, Revo P2404-7V high-horsepower CVT tractor has been commercialized and widely used in Northeast, Northwest, Inner Mongolia and other regions.

The Ravo M2404-7R heavy-duty intelligent tractor on display with the Ravo hydraulic tilting plough combination can easily complete plowing operations with efficient power. Its comprehensive performance advantages of strong power and wide adaptability attracted many experts to stop at the scene.

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Field experts said that as a domestic agricultural machinery leader, Weichai Rewo dared to face the industry pain points, continued to overcome difficulties, broke through the “jam neck” technology of high-horsepower CVT intelligent tractors, filled the domestic gap, and continued to empower the high-quality development of China’s agricultural mechanization with scientific and technological innovation. The promotion and application of intelligent agricultural machinery in black land will also effectively promote the upgrading of the local intelligence level and enable the improvement of the “black soil granary”.


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