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Weichai Medium and Heavy Truck Power WP4.6N Engine

Jul 7, 2023 | Industry Company Dynamics | 0 comments

 The WP4.6N engine has compact structure, high reliability, strong power and good economy. It is a new generation of high-end engine platform products that meet the emission standards of China V/Nation VI/Euro VI. The maximum rated power is 162 (National VI) kW, and the maximum torque speed is 850/(1300-1900) N.m / RPM/min.

weichai WP4.6

Not only the wet cylinder liner, the gantry-shaped drum body, the integral cast iron cylinder head, the new design of the piston, connecting rod, crankshaft, bearing bush and other moving parts are adopted, but the service life of the B10 reaches 800,000 kilometers; The heavy truck industry has high requirements for reliability development, allowing Weichai to independently cast and process the body and cylinder head of the WP4.6N engine with high consistency.It has excellent NVH performance: rear gear chamber, closed flywheel housing, plastic cylinder head cover, and secondary balance mechanism, which can effectively reduce noise, and the noise in common working conditions is as low as 92dB (A).

weichai WP4.6N 

Its lowest fuel consumption rate is within 193 g/kW•h. Not only is it powerful, with a power of 162 kW and a Max. torque of 850 N.m/(1300~1600) RPM/min; competing products with the same displacement have greater torque, higher power and strong power. Moreover, it has good adaptability, modular design, compact arrangement of peripheral accessories, various optional structures, and wider adaptation fields; N platform products have common parts such as machine filters, generators, and starters, which are easy to maintain.



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