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Weichai High-End Large Cylinder Diameter, Navigation of Tons of Giant Ship!

Nov 4, 2022 | Leading Companies in China | 0 comments

Recently, two 10800DWT (deadweight ton) coastal bulk carriers “Xintian 16” and “Xintian 17” carrying the power of Weichai WH25 heavy oil ships were installed in Fuding City, Fujian Province in Lixin Shipyard Jishui, and two other bulk carriers of the same model will be installed in Jishui in the near future.

The owner of this ship had made a field investigation of Weichai’s R&D and manufacturing strength in the early stage, and realized that the power of WH25 heavy oil ships had been fully verified by bench endurance test and had excellent performance, so he ordered four coastal bulk carriers of the same model at one time. Each ship carries two 1620kW Weichai WH25 heavy oil Marine power units as the main engine and two Weichai generator units as the auxiliary engine power units.

WH25 heavy oil ship power product advantages

1.Safe and reliable.The product overhaul period of 25,000 hours, the body is made of vermicular graphite cast iron, combined with reasonable reinforcement design, high strength, large safety factor.

2.Strong power. high explosive pressure, leading the same category of products, efficient pulse booster system, improve dynamic response and efficiency

GCIC Industrial Engine Company Established~1

3.Energy saving and environmental protection. Efficient inlet and exhaust system, the lowest fuel consumption rate of 185g/kW·h, combustible with 380cSt viscosity heavy oil three-way piston ring structure design, with the use of carbon scraping ring, the lowest oil consumption rate of 0.5g/kW·h.

4.Easy to operate. Modular design of peripheral parts, strong maintainability, compact and integrated design of the whole machine, single cylinder head, easy disassembly and assembly of the whole machine, low maintenance cost of three-section connecting rod, convenient lifting cylinder, easy maintenance.

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