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Unsupplemented compressed air storage generator set

Jun 6, 2022 | Business Fraud Case | 0 comments

A few days ago, from the first line of the Jiangsu Jingjing Salt Cave Energy Storage Project, the world’s first non-supplementary combustion compressed air storage power generation system national demonstration project undertaken by Shanghai Electric Power Construction Company, at 20:58 on May 15, the whole set of equipment for 4 consecutive energy storage and power generation cycles full load, full time trial operation of the indicators are excellent, marking the successful verification of the whole process of large-scale compressed air energy storage technology, the project has the conditions for commercial operation.

Jiangsu Jingjing Salt Cave Compressed Air Energy Storage Power Generation System National Demonstration Project is the first large-scale non-supplementary combustion compressed air energy storage power station in China, and the only “National Demonstration Project for Compressed Air Energy Storage” approved by the National Energy Administration. The project is to use the energy of abandoning wind, abandoning light, trough electricity and other energy to compress and store air in underground salt caves when the electricity is used at a low point, and the electrical energy is converted into air energy for storage; In the peak of electricity release high-pressure air, drive the generator to generate electricity, realize the power grid peak shaving and valley filling, the middle with heat transfer oil, the whole process can achieve zero emissions to the environment, zero pollution, after completion will become a recognized green energy power generation project.

As a practitioner of new energy storage projects, our company has witnessed every key node in the construction of the world’s pioneering projects in the field of energy storage. In all stages of the entire project construction, the construction of the project has been highly concerned by the leaders of the company and the leaders of the maintenance branch, and they have visited the site for guidance many times. All the equipment in the project is the first set, and there are many problems and challenges in the construction process. Shanghai Electric Power Construction personnel to overcome the epidemic, equipment supply delays and construction process difficulties and many other unfavorable factors, give full play to the team cohesion, with the spirit of hard work and dedication, overcome difficulties, actively study new technologies, meet new challenges, especially according to the important node tasks, the project front-line builders work overtime, lean construction, under the leadership of project manager Wei Zhongren and the careful organization of project deputy manager Hao Zhengtao, successfully achieved a number of important node goals in the construction progress, to achieve seamless docking, The successful trial operation of the guarantee unit at full load has been highly recognized by the owner, and a group of front-line personnel such as Wei Zhongren of the project have been commended by the owner.


It is reported that the world’s first large-scale non-supplementary combustion compressed air storage power station, the long-term construction scale will reach 1,000 MW, to create a new energy storage industry benchmark, and to achieve the three goals of compressed air energy storage technology testing, standard creation, engineering and commercial operation demonstration, and strive to build a new power system based on new energy to provide new energy storage solutions, which will contribute to the early realization of China’s “carbon peak, carbon neutrality” goal.


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