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Technology empowers emissions reduction

Jun 6, 2022 | Products Tendency | 0 comments

    Upgrading internal combustion engine technology, laying out new energy industries, and optimizing industrial structure, Weichai Power is realizing its own commitment to carbon peaking in a variety of ways.

    5 June, World Environment Day, which is meant to emphasize the importance of protecting and improving the human environment. In response to the global problem of climate warming, in September 2020, China clearly proposed the goals of “carbon peaking” in 2030 and “carbon neutrality” in 2060. Carbon peaking means that “before 2030, carbon dioxide emissions will no longer increase, and after reaching the peak, they will gradually decrease”; Carbon neutrality requires “enterprises, groups or individuals to measure the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions directly or indirectly generated in a certain period of time, and then offset their own carbon dioxide emissions through plant afforestation, energy conservation and emission reduction, etc., to achieve ‘zero emissions’ of carbon dioxide”.    As a leading enterprise in China’s internal combustion engine industry, Weichai Power actively responds to the call of the national carbon peak, continues to invest in research and development and strengthens the industrial layout of energy-saving and emission-reduction technologies such as internal combustion engines and new energy, and practices corporate social responsibility. Weichai believes that “carbon peak is a commitment made by china to the world, and there is no bargaining problem for enterprises!” In particular, the internal combustion engine industry should be more responsible. This will also force the upgrading of key core technologies for energy conservation and emission reduction in the internal combustion engine industry, and Weichai has the responsibility to contribute to social energy conservation and emission reduction, and give play to its strong technological leadership in the global industry. ”

Spend huge amounts of money on technology research and development

    For nearly 10 years,WeiChai cumulative R&D investment exceeds 30 billion yuan, of which R&D investment will account for 4.2% in 2020, which is one of the highest enterprises in the equipment manufacturing industry. In the equipment manufacturing industry, a very high proportion of R & D investment, this isWeichai is formedThe reliance of the top technical advantages is also the reliance on its leading energy conservation and emission reduction wind direction.
    In addition, in the full rangeRoad countrySixth, the field of non-road four-stage product development,Weichai increasedTechnology invested and formedAutonomous and controllable advanced technology advantages, from 2L to 15L full range of road engines have been fully prepared; The non-Road Phase IV product is also nearing completion.

    Weichai, which is at the forefront of environmental protection practitioners with its technology, has also been widely recognized by all parties. As early as 2018, Weichai Power obtained the environmental protection information disclosure list of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, and its WP4.6N engine took the lead in passing the official certification of the heavy-duty diesel engine China VIB. On February 4 this year, Weichai’s WP2.3NG non-road engine obtained the first non-road four-stage environmental protection information disclosure list in China.

The thermal efficiency of internal combustion engines is leading the world

    In addition to emission technologies, the energy consumption indicators of internal combustion engines have always been regarded as the focus of reducing carbon emissions in the traditional power industry. For Weichai, it has the world’s first commercial diesel engine with a thermal efficiency of more than 50%. “50% thermal efficiency is like running into 10 seconds in 100 meters for the first time in human history.” This breakthrough achievement, which was unveiled on September 16, 2020, was certified by China Automotive Technology and Research Center Co., Ltd., the national testing agency for internal combustion engines in China, and TUV SUD, an international authoritative internal combustion engine testing agency. Under the limitations of the theory of the thermal engine and the Carnot cycle thermal efficiency formula, it is not easy to break the shackles of the thermal efficiency of the internal combustion engine. Weichai conducted a special research on the thermal efficiency of diesel engines, through a large number of simulations and bench tests, after thousands of schemes of exploration and analysis, with each 0.1% accumulation of difficult progress, and finally overcome this problem. “All the technological improvements and innovations that Weichai has done are based on ensuring high reliability”, Weichai said, and will continue to accelerate the core technology research of the internal combustion engine in the future, and increase the thermal efficiency of the engine to 55% as soon as possible to achieve the global leader.

    In models with the same configuration, relatively higher thermal efficiency means more efficient fuel conversion. At the current average thermal efficiency level of 46% of the industry, thermal efficiency can be increased to 50%, diesel consumption can be reduced by 8%, and CO2 emissions can be reduced by 8%. It is obvious that with the continuous promotion of Weichai’s 50% thermal efficiency internal combustion engine in commercial applications, it will make a great contribution to energy conservation and emission reduction, which reflects Weichai’s responsibility and responsibility for practicing the goal of carbon peaking.

Optimize the industrial structure and increase the size of new energy

    Since medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicles account for nearly 50% of the carbon emissions of the entire transportation industry, the emission reduction of medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicles has become an important part of achieving carbon neutrality. According to the notice issued by the relevant state departments in April last year, heavy-duty diesel vehicles will officially implement the National VI emission standards from July 1, 2021. With the adjustment of the three major structures of product structure, market structure and business structure in the past 15 years, Weichai Power’s dependence on the heavy-duty truck industry has been greatly reduced. It is understood that in the future, the performance contribution and proportion of its new formats will increase significantly, especially in strategic emerging businesses such as large bore engines, hydraulic and CVT, new energy and intelligent driving. “At present, the new energy of the automobile industry is the trend of the times, and Weichai has chosen to go up with the trend and comprehensively lay out the new energy industry under the tide of the times.” 

    At a press conference held on December 18, 2017, Weichai announced its “2020-2030 Strategy”. The strategy consists of “one goal” and “two phases”. Among them, the former means that the revenue will reach 100 billion US dollars, and the latter refers to the fact that by 2020, Weichai’s traditional business will surpass the world-class level, and by 2030, Weichai’s new energy business will lead the development of the global industry. Under the background of the transformation and upgrading of the new four modernizations of the industry, Weichai adheres to a variety of new energy routes, and has realized the comprehensive layout and industrialization of the three major powertrain products of fuel cells, hybrids and pure electrics. Weichai regards the fuel cell field as the main technical route of commercial vehicles and construction machinery in the field of new energy, relying on a number of rich scientific research resources such as the national fuel cell technology innovation center, which has not only built the most complete fuel cell industry chain in China, but also mastered the core technology of fuel cells in the world. 

    The successful landing of the recent 13 billion yuan fixed increase is a further increase for Weichai in the field of new energy. With the dual blessing of industry and capital, Weichai will continue to accelerate the technological upgrading of new energy power systems and contributeto energy conservation and emission reduction with its technical strength.    As a leading enterprise in China’s internal combustion engine industry, Weichai firmly leads the pace of new energy development in the global industry, practices corporate social responsibility with actions, and sets a vane for energy conservation and emission reduction for the industry.


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