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Weichai WP4G Series Engine (1800 RPM)

Weichai WP4G gas generator set is the complete generator set manufactured by Weichai in Weifang, Shandong. WP4G gas generator set powered by Weichai gas engine, comes with 50-aluminum radiator, with Weichai and Leroy Somer alternators, equipped with Deepsea 6120 intelligent generator set controller.
The prime power range for 60 Hz of Weichai WP4G Series Gas generator set (1800 RPM) covers from 62 kW. with advanced product development, research and testing facilities, adopted highly standardized assembly line production process, ensuring the high quality standard and high reliability of every single generator set delivered by Weichai PowerGen.
After over 70 years accumulation of generator set manufacturing, Weichai PowerGen has been widely used in railway rescue, communication, engineering construction, animal husbandry, aquaculture, aviation safety, agriculture, scientific research, industrial plants, oil field exploration and other fields.
SinoGen provides various optional items for Weichai WP4G gas generator set including standard silence canopy, super silence canopy, meet different requirements from different applications, for the customers have high emission standard demand. SinoGen also provide DPF kit options that can greatly reduce emission of generator set, welcome to contact SinoGen sales to find out more details about our products and services.

Advantages of WP4G Series Engine

1. Well-designed air handling system with dry type, replaceable paper element air cleaner with restriction indicator.
2. Well-designed air handling system with, Optimized turbocharger for increased altitude capabilities.
3. Gas system with advanced ECU governing.
4. Standard integral set-mounted radiator system, designed and tested for 50°C ambient temperature.
5. Intelligent gas injection technology to start fast guarantee.
6. Compact design with sealed bearings for longer life and lesser maintenance.
7. The DSE6120 is an Auto Mains Failure Control Module.
8. 3 Phase generator and 3 Phase Mains monitoring.

Weichai WP4G Series Engine (1800 RPM)

This is the list of all series of Weichai WP4G Engine 60Hz Gas Generator Set.
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WPG60F96LAG Gas Generator Set

WPG60F96LAG Gas Generator Set

Prime Power:75 kVA
Engine Model:WP4D77E301NG
Engine Rated Power: 70 kW
Alternator Brand: Leroy Somer
Alternator Model:TAL-A44-C

WPG60F96WAG Gas Generator Set

WPG60F96WAG Gas Generator Set

Prime Power:75 kVA
Engine Model:WP4D77E301NG
Engine Rated Power: 70 kW
Alternator Brand: Weichai
Alternator Model:WHA-75-4/0.22

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