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Let Weichai’s ten strategic new engines explode rocket-like new kinetic energy

Jun 6, 2022 | Business Fraud Case | 0 comments

At 8:00 p.m. on June 2, Weichai Group held the ignition kick-off meeting of ten strategic new engines in Weichai Industrial Park to open a new “Long March” road. Tan Xuguang presented the flag to the commander-in-chief of Weichai’s ten strategic new engines and delivered a speech. A total of more than 20,000 people attended the meeting online and offline

Tan Xuguang said that in recent years, Weichai has proposed a new engine strategy to promote structural adjustment, and established ten strategic new engines, which will lead enterprises to become a technology-based multinational group! This is the strongest confidence of all Weichai people to firmly move towards 2025 and recreate a new Weichai! This is the most tenacious fighting spirit of all Weichai people to “smooth the bumps into the road, fight against hardships and dangers and set off”! This is another charge launched by all Weichai people to the highest peak of science and technology in the new world!

Tan Xuguang said, count the popular characters, but also look at this dynasty! The group grants the commander-in-chief all the powers needed for the development of his business, gives priority to all the resources you need, breaks through all the mechanisms that are conducive to your development, and kills all the cadres who hinder your progress. We will spend 100 million yuan for target incentives. You must seize the most important opportunity in your life and become a great general and new hero on the road of Weichai’s new “Long March”! You must forge a new path that has never been seen before, and create a new era that belongs to you!

Tan Xuguang said that Weichai has gone through 75 years of ups and downs, life and death, and high-flying development process, and practice has proved that only when enterprises master the most cutting-edge scientific and technological products, they will have unceasing vitality! Only by continuing to create new models can enterprises establish incomparably strong competitiveness! Only by constantly opening up new blue oceans can enterprises form an unprecedented subversive force!

Tan Xuguang said that the 2025 strategy has been established, and the new target of 200 billion yuan has beckoned to us. There is nothing difficult in the world, as long as you can climb it! On the way forward, no difficulty can overwhelm us, success is bought by cruel struggle, we must be more courageous, more mature and more tenacious in the struggle! In the never-ending self-revolution, we must leap from one victory to a new and greater victory! I hope that all Weichai people, especially the young employees of Weichai in the new era, will hold high and rush forward, conquer one fortress after another, seize one mountain after another, and once again hand over a satisfactory answer sheet to the people of Qilu Dadi, so that Weichai’s bright business card of Shandong will be more dazzling in the world!


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