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Five Advantages! Here comes the Cold Chain Logistics Solution!

Nov 7, 2022 | Leading Companies in China | 0 comments

In recent years, China’s cold chain logistics industry has entered a period of rapid development, with more precise control over the circulation link and higher requirements on the timeliness of goods transportation. Weichai Intelligent Technology Co., LTD., as a digital logistics ecological construction operation service provider, has made every effort to build smart cold chain logistics solutions with the same mind, providing customers with a full range of digital cold chain management services.

What is the solution of cold chain logistics?

We provide customized cold chain logistics information services for customers, build cold chain transport capacity management system, and build a cloud platform for whole-process dynamic tracking and monitoring. Through transparent management and whole-process visual monitoring, we can achieve a high degree of business coordination between customers and partners.

What can Tongxin bring to the client?

Intelligent transport capacity management, operation information such as temperature and humidity of carriage and cargo, working condition of vehicle cooler, vehicle area management, route management, safe driving behavior supervision of drivers, etc., all transport capacity 7×24 hours real-time monitoring, intelligent scheduling, operation management efficiency is high. At the same time, through multi-level early warning, remote control, full traceability, to ensure that the whole chain.

Beidou positioning, temperature acquisition, radio frequency identification, artificial intelligence, CAN bus and other technologies are adopted to ensure the transparency and visualization of all links of cold chain commodities in production, storage, transportation, sales and consumption. The cold chain transportation is safer by adopting the host, display screen, temperature collector/temperature probe, door magnet switch, camera, and intelligent terminals such as driver safety detection DSM and auxiliary driving safety system ADAS. Focus on the five core functions, driver end, fleet end, operation end, goods owner end, meet the diverse needs of different groups of terminal display.

Strong SaaS (Software as a Service) capability, “one-click” generation of analysis reports, more accurate business process, management optimization analysis, rich data interfaces greatly improve the operating efficiency of upstream and downstream and supervision platforms.

Tongxinzhixing is a product brand created by Weichai Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., relying on the complete commercial vehicle industry chain and ecology of Shandong Heavy Industry Group, to carry out product research and development of Internet of Vehicles, intelligent driving, intelligent logistics, aftermarket and other businesses, providing truck drivers with The full life cycle digital logistics ecological operation service supports the Group’s transformation from manufacturing to manufacturing services.


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