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Diesel Generator Set Shopping Guide

Jul 12, 2021 | News & Events | 0 comments

1. Purchase diesel generator set is the same as buying other things. The right is the best. According to the requirements and the application of the company, if homebred brands can meet them, there is no need to buy imports.

Guide 1: The best diesel generator set should be the most suitable for your own economic interests

2. Informal diesel generator set manufacturers may have an advantage in price, however, we should consider the problems of refurbished machines, quality and after-sale service.

Guide 2: Diesel generator set is valuable. It is suggested choosing diesel generator set manufacturers with the registered capital of more than 30 million Yuan.

3. For choosing the brand, for example, you need to buy a 100 KW set, first of all, you should know your demand, and then find which brand can meet your demand.

Guide 3: Narrow the field can make you choose the most suitable set quickly.

4. We all know that diesel generator set is composed of diesel engine and generator. We often pay attention to the diesel engine when we want to buy the set, but the generator is also very important. When the electric ball brand is different, the price would be different.Generator Set

Guide 4: Pay attention to the brand of the electric ball. Some domestic and foreign well-known brands: Stanford, Marathon, Engga.

5. Some retailers will tell customers KVA and KW are equal. That’s wrong. It will make the power increase. In fact, KVA is apparent power, KW is the effective power. The relationship between them is 1 KVA = 0.8 KW. Imports sets generally use KVA to represent power unit, and domestic electricity equipments use KW. So KVA should be 8 discounts when converted to KW.

Guide 5: Be clear on power, don’t give chance to the illegal businessmen.

6. There are still a lot of good diesel generator set manufacturers, when necessary, go to see the details of the factory. Diesel generator sets are important stand-by powers. Be cautious to purchase can make you have a convenient use.

Guide 6: Be cautious to purchase is responsible for the enterprise, also responsible for your own.


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