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The Thermal Efficiency of Diesel Engine Exceeds 50%

Jun 6, 2022 | Special Products | 0 comments

    On September 16, 2020, the development of the world’s internal combustion engine ushered in a historic new breakthrough. Weichai Group, a leading chinese equipment manufacturing enterprise, held a press conference in Jinan, Shandong Province, China, to officially announce the launch of the world’s first commercial diesel engine with a thermal efficiency of 50%. At the meeting, China Automotive Technology and Research Center Co., Ltd., a national testing institution for internal combustion engines in China, and TUV Nande Group, an international authoritative internal combustion engine testing organization, issued a 50.26% thermal efficiency certification certificate to Weichai.

    The well-known thermal efficiency of diesel engines in the industry is of great significance for improving the comprehensive performance and quality of power, saving fuel and reducing consumption, and environmental protection. Currently, the maximum thermal efficiency of the recognized diesel engine is about 46%, each 0.1 percentage point higher, which will be a huge step forward for the industry. Breaking the peak of 50% thermal efficiency with high technical difficulty and high investment is the dream of the global industry.

    China Automotive Technology Research Center Coltd. the national testing institution for internal combustion engines, and TUV Suddeutsche group, the international authoritative testing institution for internal combustion engines, issued the certification certificate of 50.26% thermal efficiency to Weichai. Ling Wen, vice governor of Shandong province and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Tan Xuguang, chairman of Shandong Heavy Industry Group and Weichai Group, jointly unveiled the world’s first diesel engine with thermal efficiency exceeding 50 percent.

    The dream of breaking through 50% thermal efficiency is now realized by Weichai people. After all, how great is its significance, because why can Weichai lead the breakthrough?

What is the energy of 50.26% thermal efficiency?

    Tan Xuguang said that today’s scientific and technological innovation achievements not only belong to Weichai people, but also belong to China’s internal combustion engine industry, and also belong to the global internal combustion engine industry.

    It turns out that the industry’s recognized thermal efficiency improvement has brought about changes not only for an enterprise and an industry. It is understood that according to the thermal efficiency level of 46%, the thermal efficiency will be increased to 50%, diesel consumption will be reduced by 8%, and carbon dioxide emissions will be reduced by 8%. For China’s heavy-duty diesel engine market, in the current ownership of 7 million units, 50% thermal efficiency diesel engine once fully applied, can save about 33.32 million tons of fuel per year, reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 104.95 million tons. It not only makes heavy-duty internal combustion engines, commercial vehicles and other industries more fuel-efficient, but also greatly improves the air pollution situation.

Five technologies to solve world-class puzzles

    Innovative technology is leading the world, what does Weichai mainly rely on? The answer is to “attack the main business without distraction.” In the case of high-end diesel technology becoming a “card neck” technology, Weichai relies on more than 70 years of experience to break the situation in an all-round way.

    In view of the improvement of thermal efficiency, through its independent five proprietary technologies, it has solved world-class problems such as world-class efficient combustion, low heat transfer, high reliability, low friction loss, low pollutant emissions, and intelligent control. These five independent technologies are: collaborative combustion technology, coordinated design technology, exhaust energy distribution technology, zone lubrication technology, and intelligent control technology.

    Every performance upgrade brought by the five major technologies means thousands of research and development actions. In the eyes of Weichai people, the realization of this 50% thermal efficiency is the accumulation of countless 0.1%. At the same time, attacking this technology is like walking into no man’s land, so the technical team does not let go of every technical difficulty that can be excavated. In short, the five major technologies bring innovative achievements and glory, and they are also the crystallization of the hard work of scientific researchers.

When will the 55% target be reached?

    At the press conference, Tan Xuguang once again boldly said, “Towards the thermal efficiency goal of 55% of diesel engines”, marking that Weichai has embarked on a new journey on the basis of 50.26% thermal efficiency. Is this achievable? We can see greater hope in Weichai’s past investment and actions.

    First of all, Weichai people, who have a strong sense of purpose and a strong sense of responsibility, dare to take responsibility. On December 18, 2017, Weichai first proposed a strategic goal of 50% thermal efficiency of diesel engines in Jinan by 2020. In the eyes of many people, “it is very difficult and an impossible task.” “The scientific research team has overcome one difficulty after another, crossed one threshold after another, and harvested today’s major achievements with the passionate culture of ‘not competing for the first is mixing’ and the efficiency culture of ‘two and a half days a day’.” Tan Xuguang said with satisfaction that the goal of 55% is still worth looking forward to.

    Second, the investment in research and development is large, and the strength of funds and talents is strong. According to reports, Weichai Power has invested more than 30 billion yuan in research and development for ten consecutive years, with more than 200 doctors, more than 300 global high-end talents, and more than 3,000 graduate students participating. Tan Xuguang not only pays attention to the introduction and use of technical talents, but also is one of the leaders of research and development and technical research. He often does it himself, pours a lot of effort into the improvement of scientific research strength, promotes the improvement of diesel engine thermal efficiency, and lays a solid foundation for leapfrog development.

    Third, the technology and manufacturing strength are strong, and new development synergies are constantly formed.presentlyWeichai was establishedis the only one in the worldOneThe R&D and manufacturing base with annual production and sales of one million engines has been promoted, and the core technology breakthrough of commercial vehicle powertrain, CVT total force assembly and hydraulic powertrain has been promoted, and the core technology shortcomings in this field have been made up for the shortcomings of China’s core technology in this field.WeiChai has also become an important engine for China’s diesel engine industry to move towards the high-end.

    The thermal efficiency of diesel engines reaches a maximum of 50.26%, indicating that it has reached the highest level in the international diesel engine industry. Wan Gang, vice chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and chairman of the China Association for Science and Technology, sent a congratulatory letter to this end, saying, “This is a landmark achievement in the history of the development of the world diesel engine industry, and has set a benchmark for the world’s internal combustion engine industry.” ”

    Of course, this also means that at the application level, compared with the industry’s 46% thermal efficiency, it will form a world-leading competitiveness, whether in heavy trucks or related models, such a lead will eventually be transformed into efficiency.

    Of course, this also means that at the application level, compared with the industry’s 46% thermal efficiency, it will form a world-leading competitiveness, whether in heavy trucks or related models, such a lead will eventually be transformed into efficiency.



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