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Demystifying the Technology that Makes Fuel-Efficient Power

Feb 4, 2023 | China News | 0 comments

 A world-leading engine platform!

Fully adopt the latest H+T series engine platform to inherit 51% product thermal efficiency technology!

According to the characteristics of multi-transient working conditions of loaders and excavators, the exclusive combustion system and intake and exhaust system are customized to optimize combustion and reduce fuel consumption. Supported by Weichai’s unique friction reduction technology, the wear is small and the power consumption is low.

Three major consumption reduction technologies!

Gold hydraulic powertrain, the system reduces consumption. Through “Weichai engine + Linde hydraulic components + independent electronic control system”, the golden construction machinery hydraulic powertrain is created, which reduces fuel consumption by 15% to 21% compared with competing products.

The first large-displacement, low-speed powertrain technology enables the engine to always work at the lowest fuel consumption speed, achieving the lowest fuel consumption of the entire vehicle under all working conditions.
Intelligent strategy, technology to reduce consumption! Develop hydraulic load intelligent control and engine transient response special strategies to improve the responsiveness of the whole machine and minimize fuel consumption.


Temperature matching, temperature control and consumption reduction!
According to the working conditions of the whole vehicle, through the collaborative optimization of water, air and oil multi-radiation systems, balanced heat dissipation is achieved, so that the whole machine is in the best working condition.


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