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Can You Provide Installation and Commission Services?

Working as our life time career, not as a business. EMAC never stop our steps of learning and abilities growing, with a well-trained engineering team, together with strong support from our partner’s engineering team, EMAC provides professional installation and commissioning services for our customers and business partners.

EMAC Team provide onsite installation Services 2013
EMAC Team provide installation services at Istanbul, Turkey

EMAC team get involved with lots of overseas onsite installation and commissioning in the past, from Thailand to Indonesia, from Singapore to Turkey, from France to Spain. There is no doubt that onsite service is the best option for customers which we covered all works, responsibilities and provide operation and maintenance training for customers in the meantime.

But after the COVID-19, international traveling are not possible for EMAC team temporary, which forced us to provide remote technical support instead. EMAC provides technical support for installation and commissioning via documents support, email, video meeting for few projects successfully already, which also proven that most of our partners have ability to solve the technical issues.

EMAC Team Meeting Partner at Exhibition
Emac team installation guide

With business partner that don’t have a proper engineering team, EMAC also building our local service partner network, which we can connect customers with our qualified local service engineer to help customer to finish the installation and commissioning works, which is proved to be a perfect solution under the COVID-19 pandemic period.

In the meantime, this COVID-19 situation forced us to form up our systematic online video training system, which all the relevant services including installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance, trouble-shooting and overhaul all can be trained by video instructions, which is low costs, can be repeated, efficient as well as able to be translated to multi-languages.

However, EMAC team looking forward to the day that we are able to traveling around the world again, to bring face to face communication and onsite services, and we believe that day will coming soon in this year 2022.

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