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About the Maintenance and Maintenance of Generator Sets.

Feb 24, 2023 | News & Events | 0 comments

When performing maintenance on the unit, it must be carried out when the unit is stopped, and the negative cable of the starting battery of the unit must be removed to ensure that the unit will not be started by mistake. The alternator should be cleaned regularly, both inside and out, and the frequency of cleaning will depend on the environment in which the unit is located. 

Disconnect all power sources before cleaning, wipe off all dust, dirt, oil stains, water or any liquid on the outside, and clean the ventilation net, because these things entering the coil will overheat the coil or damage the insulation. Dust and dirt are best removed with a vacuum cleaner, not with air blowing or high-pressure water spray. The insulation resistance of the generator is reduced due to dampness. 

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The generator must be dried. For the drying method and detailed maintenance, please refer to the “Generator Operation and Maintenance Manual.” The generator set should be checked regularly after a period of operation. It can be checked from the following aspects: lube oil level, coolant level, air filter clogging indicator, radiator and external ventilation condition, engine drive belt set, fuel supply condition, etc.

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